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Merlin feels and long rambling thoughts

I've only just realised how bloody long it's been since my last journal post! Needless to say that I'm not as active on here as I once was, but I figured that I should post something to show that I am still around... sometimes anyway! *Note to self - New Year resolution: be more active on LJ* I also wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, and wish you all a happy and safe season with whatever festive holiday you might be celebrating around this time (or even if you don't celebrate any holiday at all).

Okay, okay, so this was also an excuse to post about Merlin now that the series is coming to an end. There will be some spoilers for the series so far in this post, so if you're not up to date on all the episodes that have aired (in the UK), and want to avoid spoilers, then click away now! There's also going to be a bit of speculation on the upcoming finale which is all just my own thoughts and ideas, I haven't seen any spoilers whatsoever for the last two episodes.

Btw, it's after 6am and I haven't slept yet, so I really hope that this post is at least partially coherent, all the html works as it should, and it's not too full of typos! Here goes!

Spoilers, spoilers everywhereCollapse )

This next cut is for speculation on the last two episodes. There's no spoilers for those episodes, it's all just my own ideas, but I thought I'd put it under a cut just to be on the safe side.

SPECULATION AFOOT... wait, wrong fandom!Collapse )

So, those are my thoughts. No idea on how well they'll match up with how the final episodes actually play out (I imagine the actual outcome will be far more complex) but I guess I'll find out soon enough.


~ Ace.


It's been a couple of months since I made a journal post (such is the mediocrity of stuff around here) that'd I figured I'd make a brief update post.

Not much has happened around here again. I've been mostly engrossed in the Leveson Inquiry recently (whaddya mean it's boring?!). Although I managed to miss the first 3 days of it a couple of weeks ago when I picked up a cold/flu bug from somewhere and slept for nearly 3 days straight.

While that was happening I also somehow managed to get both of my feet infected. I'll save you the gory details, but I ended up having to (painfully) walk around on two swollen infected feet with them bandaged up like a mummy. Thank goodness that nearly two weeks on the infection seems to be dissipating and the pain has stopped.

Apart from that I'm currently avoiding stuff this weekend because it's JUBILEE WEEKEND!!! Which is definitely not my thing! Point me to the nearest republican street party! I hate to sound like a grumpy old woman, but I'll leave the pomp, patriotism and royalist stuff for others. I'll save my partying for when equal marriage is finally legalised! XD

~ Ace.


Since it's been fucking ages since I last posted anything in this journal, and since it's also Caturday - and I have nothing better to do right now - I'm gonna post a picspam of my kitties.

WARNING! - This picspam is pretty image heavy with about twenty average sized photos (four photos of each cat that is, I don't have twenty cats! XD) under the cut, so be warned if you have a slow computer!

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Right, that's enough kitties, I'm off to see if I can beat my high score on Robot Unicorn Attack, or possibly play some more Amnesia custom stories. Then I really should go and do something productive...

~ Ace.

Happy New Year!

Heads up that I'll be writing a small bit about the new Sherlock episode near the end of this journal, but I'll avoid mentioning any huge spoilers. It's more of a rant about a little niggle I had with it. However, if you have issues with spoilers of any kind I'd avoid reading this!

So firstly, I hope everyone had a great holiday (if you celebrated any particular holiday, that is) and New Year. I had a small and quiet Christmas with the family, as was planned. Can I just say how awesome my brother is for what he got me for Christmas? I was bummed out a few weeks ago that due to my agoraphobia and depression issues I was unable to make a Manics CD and book signing session in Birmingham. My brother - who as I've mentioned is awesome - apparently went along to the signing session and got both a CD and a book signed for me as a surprise Christmas present! Needless to say that my face was like this ---> :D for the rest of the day... hell, it's still like that now! New Year was a quiet one too. I just stayed in and watched the celebrations on TV. But all in all it was a good couple of weeks.

Onto the new Sherlock episode. I really liked it. I liked the plot, I liked the drama and the humour, I liked the array of characters, and I liked Irene Adler (note here that I have never read the books, so my opinion of her comes solely from the programme, and not to how she compares to original book character). It was good to finally have more BAMF-y and intelligent female characters. My one small - and maybe petty - niggle with Irene's character was her sexuality. Not that she was a dominatrix, but that she was (according to her own words) gay, and yet she flirted with Sherlock. Not even just on a intellectual basis, which I could understand if that was the case, but in a sexual way too. So why couldn't she have identified as bi, rather than gay?

I've seen it said that maybe she calls herself gay because she prefers women to men... but that would still make her bi generally. Gay people are exclusively attracted to same-sex people. I don't see why TV shows are always so reluctant to use that label. Why it always has to be a black and white case of straight or gay. It was the same big issue I had with Willow's character in Buffy. In the early years Willow was clearly both romantically and sexually attracted to both Xander and Oz... and yet she suddenly turned gay in the later episodes when she fell in love with Tara. Again, why did she have to change from one end of the scale to the other? Why couldn't she have just been bisexual?

Sorry, I'm ranting too much about this, but it is really something that irks me. I guess a good reason would be if Irene had never actually felt any attraction to a man before Sherlock, and so she thought was she gay before she met him. It was also interesting that Sherlock was pretty much confirmed as asexual though, albeit without explicitly using the word. With the whole "why eat if you're not hungry?" analogy (what is it with Moffat always using metaphors for sex? Dancing in Doctor Who and now eating?), and confirming that he's never had sex. Although it doesn't much help the asexual awareness if the only asexual characters on TV are generally not normal people.

Anyway, I think I've ranted enough about this. Otherwise I'll have to change my user label to "Grumpy old bi-romantic asexual rants about TV characters' sexuality (or lack thereof in some cases)"!

~ Ace.

P.S. Thanks to the epic fuck up of this site that LJ have inflicted on everyone recently I have made a mirror Dreamwidth account of my journal: http://manicsfan.dreamwidth.org/ I just wanted to give a heads up for when/if I move over there permanently. Which if LJ carries on the way it's going that will be fairly soon!

There's no money left!

Dear Christmas,

I hate to be a Scrooge but, to be blunt, I can't afford you this year.

I don't even have any money I can fall back on in my bank account because I used up my life savings on vets bills a couple of months ago.

So please go away for about a decade!

Thank you.

Yours Humbuggedly,

~ Aissa.

Anyway, this year my family have decided on a very basic Christmas since none of us can afford it. To be honest, I'm not even sure why we celebrate Christmas. No-one in my family is religious, not that I'm aware of anyway, or if they are they've kept pretty damn quiet about it! Don't get me wrong, I like some bits of Christmas. It just seems a bit odd to celebrate the birth of someone you don't believe in! Apparently it's just for the joy of the family coming together and trying to survive until Boxing Day without murdering each other! Fun!

Also, my mum knackered the Christmas tree this year, and since we can't afford another one we've ended up with this tiny little spare one. It reminds me of that scene in Blackadder's Christmas Carol when Blackadder produces their Christmas tree... which is just a small Christmas twig! XD

Ah well, Happy Holidays to anyone out there who does celebrate something in the coming weeks. Or just have a happy few weeks in general if you don't. Until the New Year.

~ Ace.
Although I love Merlin I can never think of enough to say on each individual episode to do a review for them each week, but after yesterday's episode I really felt the need to write a few words. So instead I'm just going to give a few quick paragraphs on my thoughts of the new series so far. Also there will be a tad bit of character bashing of a certain character, so if you love all the Merlin characters you might want to avoid this! You have been warned!

Obviously this'll contain spoilers from the start of this series right up to yesterday's episode.Collapse )

~ Ace.

Rest in peace, Pongo

So, remember how I said that life had a way of giving you hope and then screwing you over? Yeah...

It seems that Pongo's intestines were too damaged - probably in the car accident - to be saved. We've brought his body home and will be burying him in the back garden tomorrow, with a memorial.

Rest in peace, Pongo. We will always love and miss you. You'll always be in our hearts ♥

I've added a few photos of Pongo from over the years under the cut.I would have done more but I can't look at them without crying again, and I'm just emotionally drained right now. I think I need some sleep.

Pongo picspam under cutCollapse )

Yup, crying again now. ;__;

~ Ace.

Pongo - Further update with better news

Things are looking a bit better for Pongo this morning. The blood tests still didn't find anything, but they did some x-rays this morning, and found that there's a blockage in his gut. Which they believe is why he's been unable to keep any food down, and why he's been so lethargic and uninterested in food. They're going to operate this afternoon to remove the blockage and hopefully *keeps fingers crossed* that will sort him out, so long as he's not too weak to pull through this.

~ Ace.

Pongo update

OK, so now apparently the vets don't think the reason that Pongo is so sick is to do with his kidneys. In fact they don't seem to be able to say what the problem is. They tried feeding him today, but apparently he just threw it up again. They've taken more blood and will be doing more tests tomorrow, but they're not even sure if that will reveal what's wrong with him.They're going to call again tomorrow and let us know if they've found anything.

Ugh, I'm just emotionally exhausted right now. I feel stuck in limbo waiting to find out stuff. The last resort, the vets said, is that if he still won't eat then they can try feeding him intravenously by putting a tube down his nose and into his stomach. Although they say that that isn't very pleasant, rather understandably, and there's still no guarantee he'll be able to keep it down. But if they can't find out the reason why then there's not much hope. He's currently starving to death because he won't eat, or can't keep down what he does eat, and it's not fair to keep him suffering. If they cant find the cause of it, and the intravenous food tube doesn't work then it looks pretty hopeless.

~ Ace.

Pongo still sick

So, it seems that our cat Pongo wasn't as well as we'd believed. After getting the all clear from the vet about his bladder and coming home last Sunday he stopped eating. At first he was eating a bit, then less and less, and what he was eating he started throwing back up, and then the last couple of days he's barely eaten at all, and is so lethargic. So we took him back to the vet and they took some blood to do some blood tests. They did the blood tests yesterday, and today we were told that it's likely he wasn't hit by a car but that he actually has kidney failure. Or if he was hit by a car it did more damage to his kidneys than his bladder.

Anyway, he went back to the vet again today, they've kept him in, put him on a drip, and will be flushing out his kidneys tonight. They're not sure how serious it is, especially since he's deteriorated pretty quickly. The best case scenario is that he can come back from how bad he is now, be put on medication and have special food for the rest of his life. The worst case scenario doesn't bear thinking about right now, although it's something I may have to face tomorrow after the vets phone up with the prognosis. :/

Life apparently has this way of making you think everything's going to be OK and then screws you over!

~ Ace.